• After conflict, the levels of DU exposure in drinking water and food should be detected in the affected areas even after years following an incident. This is done especially when there is a significant quantity of DU that has entered the food chain or the ground water.
  • Clean-up operations should be done if there are many radioactive projectiles left and if the experts have suggested that the contamination levels cannot be tolerated. If metal fragments or DU dust are there, then the infected areas had to be isolated and cordoned off until the substance has been removed. Such infected places contain many hazardous substances. 
  • Young children can have higher DU exposure when they play or are near DU exposure sites. The hand to mouth activity which children regularly do can lead to increased DU ingestion coming from the contaminated soil. The children should be advised not to go near impact sites by their guardians.
  • When disposing DU, appropriate procedures approved by international and national committees should be used.